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What we offer!

The Airvan


The Airvan is a modern versatile aircraft which can carry up to 7 passengers in comfort. The seats can easily be removed making it ideal for transporting cargo to isolated and hard to reach areas. Its is suited for rough bush strips and is ideal when needing to reach safari areas with dirt runways.
Speed : 115 knots/ 197 kms hour
Seating : 7 pax

The Cessna 206


The Cessna 206 is a work horse and can take 5 passengers and baggage off rough dirt strips with relative ease, which has made it the go-to aircraft for us operating into the many dirt strips of Mozambique.
Speed : 120 knots/ 210 kms hour
Seating : 5 pax

The Islander


The Islander is used as a light utility aircraft and is suited for bush flights and island hopping. The Islander is a very popular larger aircraft, ideal for short-haul high-frequency operations.
Speed : 170 knots/ 314 kms
Seating : 9 pax

The Cessna 152


The Cessna 152 is our smaller aircraft, accommodating only one passenger. It is used for survey flights, sightseeing and anti-poaching flights.
Speed : 109 knots/ 203 kms hour
Seating : 1 pax

The Cessna 208

South Africa

The Cessna 208 Caravan was designed at the outset to be simple, rugged and reliable. This aircraft is used throughout Africa and is a very popular cargo and passenger aircraft.
Speed : 185 knots / 344 kms hour
Seating : 9-14 pax

The Pilatus

South Africa

The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft. PC-12 has exceptional versatility and is capable of operating within various environments and airstrips. This aircraft is ideal for regional flights within Southern Africa.
Speed : 270 knots / 500 kms hour
Seating : 6-8 pax